Business Interruption Insurance

If worrying about your business is keeping you up at night then one tool - business interruption insurance - may be able to help you sleep. In the aftermath of the recent Kaikoura earthquake and the Edgecumbe floods, business interruption insurance has been highlighted as essential for giving businesses a fighting chance at staying afloat. This type of insurance is designed to protect businesses for losses of income sustained as a result of any direct loss, damage, or destruction to insured property. Business interruption insurance aims to put your business back in the same trading position it was in before the event and unfortunately is often overlooked.

Business interruption insurance is designed to help your business get back on its feet by covering you against the actual loss of business income you sustain due to the necessary suspension of your business operations while you restore your premises back to their functioning state. Business interruption insurance can cover you for loss of gross profits, loss of gross rental income and increased costs of working (for example relocation costs) to name a few.

At Moynahans Insurance Services we would like to help you prepare for the unexpected and unforeseen by working with you to tailor an insurance package to suit your needs. Freeing up your capital by offering and arranging premium funding options is one of the ways that Moynahans Insurance can add value to you and your business and help free up your cash-flow.

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