Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

We understand that when your vehicles aren't moving, your business isn't making money, so we work to get you back on the road asap. Let us tailor an insurance package for you that will have you getting the most out of your insurance protection whilst allowing you to spread the costs over the year with monthly instalments.

A motor fleet insurance policy is the best option for businesses who need to insure five or more company vehicles, which include cars, vans, trucks, heavy vehicles and mobile plant. Instead of insuring each vehicle separately, then adding drivers to each policy, fleet insurance can protect all under one policy, with insurance protection that can easily be applied to multiple drivers.

If you want more than your usual insurance policy, we have access to risk management solutions which can help you identify the root causes of rising accidents and escalating costs, then work with you to find solutions. We can also advise on minimising accident rates and downtime, and managing your fleet to improve productivity. 

We have access to large insurers and specialist insurers for those hard to place insurance covers. Freeing up your capital by offering and arranging premium funding options is one of the ways that Moynahans Insurance can add value to you and your business and help free up your cash-flow.

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