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At Moynahans Insurance Services we would like to help you prepare for the unexpected and unforseen by working with you to tailor an insurance package to suit your needs. Whether it be for your home, contents, car or the boat, these can often be your most prized possessions and to replace or fix these items would be costly. We are also able to help with the cost of insuring your assets by offering a premium funding option, so please ask for a quote when discussing your insurance needs with us.


Whether it be the family home, your holiday home or a rental investment property, Moynahans Insurance Services are able to work with you to find the insurance products to suit your needs. Let us help you to sleep at night knowing that you have insurance protection for your biggest investment. One of the ways we help you to prepare for the unexpected is to consider where you live and advise on the best options for natural disaster cover.


Your possessions can be very important to you and the thought of losing these due to an accident of some kind may be devastating. We know the value that is sometimes attached to items from loved ones and although we can't replace the memories, we are able to help you replace the items. Whether this is a family heirloom or your favourite electronic device, talk to us about how we can tailor an insurance solution that suits your needs.


Often more than just a convenient way to get from A to B, our cars are becoming increasingly more important to us. Moynahans Insurance Services are able to help you find the right insurance for your vehicle, whether it is an old classic that you take out on weekends, a family wagon to run around in or something a little more sporty to indulge your car passion. We have the experience to help you find the cover that best suits your needs.


More and more of us are taking advantage of the beautiful country we live in, surrounded by pristine beaches, oceans, waterways, lakes and recreational boating opportunities afforded to us by our spectacular scenery.

Whether you are a weekend yachtie, a keen fisherman or live on your boat, you can contact Moynahans Insurance Services to help you arrange insurance protection, allowing you to do the important things like concentrate on having fun on the water.


With more and more of us choosing to take a well deserved break when the time allows, it is so important to make sure that we have planned for the unexpected on our overseas trips, like losing a bag, passport, money or having an accident and needing to get medical attention in a foreign country.

These are all real scenarios that Moynahans Insurance Services can help you to prepare for next time you go on holiday. Contact us for a travel insurance quote.

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