Restaurant & Hospitality Insurance

Whether creating a culinary dining experience is your speciality or catering for fast food customer demands, we want to work with you to create insurance protection that is as unique as you. As part of the PSC Connect group of brokers we have access to a tailor-made restaurant and hospitality scheme which has exclusive benefits that standard commercial insurance policies do not have. Tailoring a specific package to your business needs allows us to help you arrange the best insurance protection for your business.

In the restaurant and hospitality sector it is important for business owners to have tailored insurance solutions to reduce the stress. Already, managers have to deal with a wide array of human behaviour, often with the added involvement of alcohol. Our restaurant & hospitality insurance offers a very broad range of cover at a competitive price. Some of the benefits include:

  • Competitive material damage rating structure: lower excess deductibles, coverage for refrigerated stock, and livestock (eg. fish and crayfish kept live in display tanks), allowance for seasonal stock fluctuations. Coverage for portable electronic devices with a lower excess on these items.
  • Cyber cover: if your business operation utilises the internet, email, website or computer software to operate, then your current insurance may not cover you for one of the most important aspects of your business: your data. Protecting your business, customer information and privacy.
  • Management liability: this is an essential component of the insurance program for restaurant and hospitality business owners as it includes a comprehensive and competitively priced liability package to protect you and your business against most liability exposures.
  • General liability: insurance cover for third-party property damage, personal injury and associated defence costs in connection with your business from products supplied (such as food) or accidents that occur at your premises.
  • Statutory liability: insurance cover to protect against the fines, penalties and legal fees that can result from an accidental breach of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act, Health and Safety in Employment Act (Excluding Fines) and Sale of Liquor Act.

At Moynahans Insurance Services we would like to help you prepare for the unexpected and unforeseen by working with you to tailor an insurance package to suit your needs. Freeing up your capital by offering and arranging premium funding options is one of the ways that Moynahans Insurance can add value to you and your business and help free up your cash-flow.

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