Caravan & Private Motor Vehicle Insurance

Often more than just a convenient way to get from A to B, our vehicles are becoming increasingly more important to us. They are also becoming more technical with driverless vehicles on the horizon. Moynahans Insurance Services can help find the right insurance for your needs at an affordable price.

We are able to receive discounts for our clients for hybrid vehicles, vehicles with built in security and vehicles that are kept in secure locations, as well as caravans, classic cars and high value vehicles. So, whether it is an old classic that you take out on weekends, a family wagon to run around in, a caravan to travel around the country or something a little more sporty to indulge your car passion, we can provide you with the cover that best suits your needs.

We are also able to offer added extras like roadside assist cover and hire vehicles in the event of a claimable loss to your vehicle. We are also able to help with the cost of your insurance by offering a premium funding option, allowing you to spread the costs over the year, so please ask for a quote when discussing your insurance needs with us.

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